Digitising the mortgage distribution

Digitising the mortgage distributionOPER
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Oper gives the paper-based mortgage industry access to a digital future. Their white-labelled product allows lenders and brokers to digitize the mortgage process from contact to contract, while increasing conversion and lowering the cost of a transaction. Using new EU regulations they enable one-click mortgages for the European market.
To understand the problem, you first have to understand Oper. They are a promising start-up/scale-up in the FinTech industry, providing a digital white-label product to support lenders and brokers in digitizing and streamlining their mortgage distribution. Yet their website did not reflect this. Branding was getting outdated and it wasn’t easy for Oper themselves to manage blogposts and other content. Something had to change.
We designed the new website from scratch and according to the updated branding of their product. The challenge for us was to design and develop while Oper was still working on the exact content they wanted. Lucky enough, Webflow makes it easy to change details on the spot and scale large amounts of content with their Content Management System.
Because of the short deadline, we worked together asynchronously. We proposed a flowchart and wireframes, while Oper collected the desired content and validated structure. When we were on the same wavelength, we worked out a design and turned it into a dynamic website thanks to Webflow.
We provided Oper with a website which is completely open for them to manage. In addition, we added localization support through Weglot. This adds the ability to easily translate everything and make changes if necessary.
We had a rough idea of where wanted to go with our website but didn’t see the big picture yet. PandaPanda guided us through their process from start to finish and came up with great suggestions and ideas of the direction we could go in. In a short amount of time and with limited effort from our team, we were able to launch our new website.
Wouter Lachat, Co-Founder & CPO at Oper